Our MUST have items


Are you planning a trip with young kids.? Not sure what to pack.?

Here is a list of our most used and much loved items that we would recommend when travelling with kids.

We’ve been on the road for almost 8 months now and each and every one of these items has been worth it’s weight in gold. Making our life easier whilst travelling Australia with kids.

It’s mind blowing  how much you can actually fit into a caravan.


Steelcraft – Double Pram

We left home when our girls were 1 & 2.5. We weren’t 100% sure if we would need the pram, being so bulky we almost left it at home. Every day I am thankful we didn’t leave it behind. 8 months into our trip and we have used it EVERYDAY. It’s been an absolute life saver & enabled us to still get out about and not have to juggle sleep times between the girls as they would nap in between our sight seeing. The lower compartment makes for great shopping storage. The pram has also been a saviour in those lazy moments of parenting when we didn’t have energy to run in every direction trying to catch them. We would strap them in, give them an apple and enjoy our 10 minutes of peace.
In saying that, the 10 minutes was usually spent showering, cooking or cleaning.




Ergo Baby – 360

What an invention.

We’ve done plenty of hikes and walks on our trips. We did not want to miss out on any attractions due to having young kids. Obviously some were not suitable for us at all, however the majority we were able to tackle with thanks to our Ergo Baby 360. Emery our youngest would happily hang or even sleep on us while we worked up a sweat and burnt of some much needed calories before happy hour. The great thing about the Ergo baby is it can be worn frontwards, backwards or even sidewards. Emery loved viewing this spectacular land from a different view. It has given us the opportunity to tackle those hand on walks with our eledest with 4 hands and also been a great solution those precious mummy moments when bubs was a stage 4 clinger.



Safe sleeping arrangements

Make sure you have safe sleeping arrangements. We travel in a Jayco Expanda, us parents in the queen bed, our eldest (starfish 💤) in the double bed and the youngest in the lower bunk. We had our local canvas shop custom make an ideal set up for our youngest. It’s extremely easy to put up and remove. We wanted something that wouldn’t damage the van or decrease the resell value. Especially if the new buyer didn’t have a young child. Without this safety I am certain Emery would of stopped her day sleeps 7 months ago by refusing them and forever climbing in and out of bed.



Play Pen

In the early days of our travels we used our portable play den ALOT. Life is busy on the road and young kids just don’t understand the meaning of staying put. It’s hard work chasing two active toddlers especially when nothing is blocked off so their escape is endless, and especially when they tend to head in opposite directions. Travelling with kids is wonderful but can also be dangerous. There are many hazards we face on a daily basis and with Maddyn and Emery still being so young they have not yet grasped the senses of dangers around them. Cars, water, animals, camp fires etc. This play den is light weight, folds up to the size of a foldable chair, has a uv cover and is super quick and easy to assemble. Perfect to transport and take to the beach and set up at camp. We would chuck a few toys and snacks in, usually giving us an hour of peace.




We took two large tubs with us. They fit perfectly under the bunks.
One is full of duplo and the other is full of arts and crafts, barbies and bits and bobs.
Playdoh has been a major hit for both ours girls (and all the other kids within the park too) and will keep them entertained for hours.



Swim Vest

Our girls have both been exposed to water since a very young age. We are both water rats and therefore it’s extremely important for us that the girls are safe around the water too. We want them to feel confident and we also want to be confident that they are safe. Originally our eldest had a Wahu vest, and the youngest splashed around in her  swim ring. Maddyn now swims unassisted and her little sister wears her swim vest proudly. Emery is now loving the independence the vest has to offer, and Maddyn is proud as punch of her achievements and so are we.

Swim noodles are a must if heading north, and don’t forget the snorkel and swimming googles.




We try to limit screen times as the girls are young and can do with out. It’s something we don’t want to rely on. We found out really early on in the trip that being on the road it’s sometimes easier to give in than home. We don’t want to be creating bad habits that aren’t necessary. We do have a DVD player in the back which we use on extremely long trips to break up the moods. Western Australia is HUGE with not much in between.
We have a basket in the middle of the seats for the girls which is full of toys and books. Every so often we swap the books and toys around with those in the van. We also time our trips around nap times so we can kill 2 birds with one stone, averaging us 90 minutes of bliss.

Some of our more peaceful moments have been on travel days.



Foldable Cart

We have a collapsible BCF cart and LOVE it. This is seriously a MUST. Pack the girls, lunch, towels and beach/swimming toys in and off we go. Saves for sore backs and several carry bags. The girls think it’s super cool being carted around and on those good days Maddyn even does all the towing.



High chair / Table and chairs.

Originally we had a camping high chair for Emery. It was $29 from Kmart, easy to fold and clean. She quickly outgrew it, as toddlers do and we have opted for a plastic picnic table, also purchased from Kmart for a similar price. It is plastic, therefore easy to clean after messy dinners and arts and crafts, it’s lightweight and the perfect size for a few mates to site around and play at. The table even has the option to add an umbrella for extra shade.



Large foldable tub

This can be used for just about everything/anything.

Water play on those stinking hot days, storing toys, doing the dishes and of course BATH.




Wipes, endless packets of wipes.

We use these for EVERYTHING, we’ve met travel families with older kids and some even without kids that also have a stash. Wipe ups after tea, cleaning the van, nappy  changes, and quick washes when off grid.

Is there anything wipes can’t be used for.??



Are you travelling on the road and have handy gadgets that you think we may benefit from?

Shoot us a message and let us know.

Until then make today ridiculously amazing.