How it all began…

Back in July 2017, after watching an interview from a travelling family on Sunrise. I threw it out there and asked Micha what he thought of travelling Australia. He laughed, brushed it off and didn’t think to much about it.

There we were.

6 Months later, house and belongings sold, hitting the road with our two girls (1 -2.5yrs), starting our trip of Oz with our newly purchased Mitsubishi Pajero and Jayco Expanda.

Is it really that simple?

YEP! It is.

Okay, maybe not that simple.

After 4 weeks in Germany, a holiday visiting Micha’s family. After procrastinating if we should or we shouldn’t. We decided we would. If we can fly across the other side of the world with 2 kids, why can’t we travel Australia in a caravan?

Our house was currently on the market as our original plan was to upgrade. The house had been on the market for almost over a year. A few offers were made but they all seemed to fall thru last minute. We were over the inspections and over the excitement and then disappointment once the papers weren’t signed.

As soon as we returned from Germany an offer was made, not exactly as much as we wanted but we were happy to see it go. It was our first home and we had made many special memories here. However our time here was done, it was time for a new chapter.


It was a quick settlement – 30 days.

Too quick for us to find a car, van, sell, pack and store all our belongings. The real estate found us a 3 month rental on short notice and the planning was in full force.

We originally had a Holden commodore and a camper trailer – These were put on the market and sold within weeks. Silly us contemplated doing it low cost with the commodore and camper trailer – oh gosh, what a joke! So happy we didn’t – this trip would more than likely have ended before crossing the Victorian/South Australian border, not to mention the marriage as well.

We didn’t have to look long for our van (2011 Jayco Expanda) or our car (Mitsubishi Pajero 2009) these were purchased second hand from private owners in neighbouring towns.

The next months were spent, selling everything that wouldn’t fit into the van. On either marketplace, gumtree or at our garage sale. Thankfully the majority sold and this helped out the Lap of Oz travel fund. The rest of our belonging landed at the op shop or at the tip. Moving back from Germany only 5 years ago we didn’t realise how much“crap“ we had accumulated. Both being well travelled and both having moved a few times we didn’t have any issues parting with these belongings.

A lot were shocked when we told them our plans, I think mainly because it was so spontaneous. All in all we had a positive response, apart from the occasional comment that we were crazy. They were right, we are crazy.

Since being on the road our life has been turned upside down, literally. It is chaos. In a good way. To think 6 months before our departure we had our house on the market to upgrade/upsize. Ppppffffttt, who needs more than 15 sqm? Who needs personal space? Who needs a toilet with a door?

We have everything we need in our cosy home – each other. As corny as it sounds, it’s true. Since living on the road you truly realise how minimized you can live, what’s important and what isn’t.
For us, this is living the dream.

The only regret we have is not doing it sooner.

5 Months into our lap and we have finally made it into the blogger world.

From now on we will post about our life on the road with two little kids, both the challenging and the rewarding aspects. The places we have seen, our recommendations on what to see and where to stay, some great travelling tips and we plan on bombarding you with stunning pictures from beaches, forests and sunsets where the travel bug will grab you and won’t let you go anymore.

Have any questions or subjects you would like us to touch base on in our up and coming blogs?
Shoot us a message or comment below and we will do our very best to cover as much as we can for you.




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Until then, make today ridiculously amazing.

Zahlis Big Lap. xx