Today I would like to share my whole travelling journey with you from the DAD’s perspective.

When Ebony first came to me with the idea to travel around Australia for a year. I politely smiled, laughed and brushed it off with a „yeah, no worries honey“. Definetly not with the thought that this would happen.
I mean honestly, who would sell their own home, sell all their belongings except a storage box of old baby photos and important documents , a washing mashine and a lawnmower. Quit a good steady secure job, say „Good bye“ to all their friends and family for a „holiday“.
Epecially the job thing gave me a bit of a headache. Through my german background I’m probably more obsessed with work and job security than the average aussie bloke.
Someone once said to me „Germans live to work and not work to live“ (stupid germans). But that’s the main reason we settled down to have a family in Australia and not Germany. More opportunities and chance of breaking old habbits.



So here I am writing this blog- travelling in a caravan with 3 Girls, a storage box of old baby photos and important documents, a lawnmower and a washing machine in storage.

But you know what, this was by far the best idea Ebony has ever come up with, she has had a few wild ones but this one turned out PERFECT.

In the end I was convinced 120% that this was the right decision for us as a family.

We are now at the start of month 6 and I’m absolutely ‚livin the dream‘ (I know everyone loves a bit of Aussie slang).
Of course everything is not always easy but still better than the life we had before. I don’t even know how to start without bragging about the trip of a life time.

Maybe I start with the lifestyle. MAN… Waking up in the morning without an alarm going berserk and having to press snooze 5 times is an incredible feeling. I cant remember the last time I set my alarm. Oh wait, it was almost a month ago so I didn’t miss my tour to swim with the whale sharks.
You might have a screaming and starving kid next to your bed because its 9 o clock and no breakfast has yet been served, but that’s very rare.



It took me a while to get in the rhythm of VAN life. It isn’t easy to let go of old standards, habits.
Now im fully embracing every day to the max to the point I couldn’t even tell you what day it is, sometimes its hard to even know the month.
Then there is the family aspect. Of course living in a confined space with 4 people isn’t always easy and everyone has to pull their weight. Little hick ups here and there happen now and then but the pros overweigh them by miles. Even running on minimum hours of sleep. I take my hat off to all you mothers out there. On the road and at home – YOU ARE AMAZING.
Managing and sharing the day with Ebony and making memories as a family have let me grow even stronger, as a person, partner and parent.



And then there are the kids. YES… They are in the van too. It wasnt until this trip that i realized how much I didn’t see my girls. In my 9-5 job I would have come home from work, have dinner, play a little with the gang and then it was already bedtime.
But now.
I see both Maddyn and Emery growing up on a daily basis before my eyes and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. All the milestones I used to miss.
Now I have a front row seat: first steps, first words, riding a bike for 1st time and all the other firsts.
The bond with the girls is growing stronger from day to day.
Thanks Ebb for throwing this bizare idea out there.
Okay…You have to admit that sounds pretty good. Doesn’t it?
I haven’t even started how good this bloody country is. I guess that’s something for another post.

Until then make today ridiculosly amazing.